Increase Your Dealership's Margins Or Your Used Car Inventory With The Right Odor Fighting System

If you are the owner of a car dealership, you want to buy or offer trade-in value for used vehicles at a low enough price that you can then turn around and sell for a profit. But all dealership owners know that it takes time and money to get a used car looking and smelling good enough to sell to a new buyer. If you don't have the right odor-fighting products on hand at your dealership, you might not be able to fully restore your cars in the way that you want. Here's how reaching out to a supplier of odor elimination products for car dealers can help your business.

Increase Your Inventory By Accepting a Used Car for Trade-In That You Might Previously Have Turned Away

If you get a car on the lot that is in good condition but has a strong odor to it, you might have to turn away what is otherwise a good trade-in because you know you won't be able to find a new buyer while the odor remains. By upgrading your cleaning supplies or systems, you can get rid of the odor and take advantage of the profit you will make by re-selling what is otherwise a good vehicle. 

Taking More Trade-Ins Might Help You Sell More New Cars

When you have confidence that you can restore that "new car" smell to even the oldest vehicle on your lot, you can start taking more and more trade-ins, growing your inventory as was just described. But whenever you accept a trade-in, you are also likely selling a new car to that same person. By being able to offer something on older vehicles, you'll make it more likely that the customer will purchase their new car from you instead of moving on to another dealership that will give them the trade-in that they want. The cost of any odor-fighting products or systems you install will be returned to you because restoring these cars and taking more trade-ins will result in more long-term business for your dealership.

Sell Your Used Car Inventory for More Money By Making Sure Each Car is as Spotless as Possible

If you already have some used cars on your lot that have not sold because there is just the slightest odor that you haven't been able to get rid of, getting the right equipment to get the car looking or smelling like new again might help you finally move these cars. You might even be able to charge more as that premium "new car" smell can help seal the deal, increasing your dealership's profits or margins in the process.

For more information about eliminating odors from cars, contact a local product provider, like NuVinAir