Adding Accessories That Make Your Truck Work Better For You

Trucks offer so many different uses to make life easier for you. Adding some accessories can make your truck even more useful and extend the flexibility even further. Choosing the right truck accessories is the key to making them work in your situation. 

Tool Boxes and Storage Boxes

Adding a set of toolboxes to your truck gives you a secure way to store tools and parts that you need in the truck without taking up a lot of space in the cab. You can choose steel, aluminum, or polypropylene tool boxes in many different sizes to fit your specific truck. Some sit above the bed rail and others sit inside the bed. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so the right one for your truck is up to you to decide. 

Ladder Racks

If you haul ladders around for work, a ladder rack is an excellent addition to the truck. The rack allows you to carry the ladders up high, freeing up space inside the bed of the truck to move materials or other tools to the job. The ladder rack is also an excellent place to carry long lumber, pipe, or other materials that would normally extend beyond the end of the truck bed. There are limits to the weight the rack can carry, and you do not want to make your truck top heavy, so be careful about how much you put on the rack. 

Running Boards

Running boards attach to the truck along the rocker panel, under the doors. While they may not seem like they would extend the usefulness of the truck, they can provide a step that you can use to reach your ladder rack or to get in and out of the truck. Most running boards are made from aluminum or steel and are chrome or polished metal. There are some that are painted to match the truck, but that is often done as a custom option. 

Bed Extenders

A bed extender is a metal tube tailgate that is put on the truck with the original tailgate laid down. The extender is curved, so it allows you to put things in the truck that go to the end of the tailgate and still keep them from falling out. There are several styles to accent different trucks, and you need to get one specific to the model of the truck you own. Most extenders can fold when not in use, allowing you to close the tailgate and still use the truck at the same time.