Two Easy Ways To Foster Trust As A Traveling Salesperson

Years ago, people sold everything from vacuum cleaners to makeup door-to-door and made a good living for themselves. However, in the modern age where consumers are far less trusting of people who knock on the door, this kind of employment can prove to be a bit of a challenge. If yo drive up to a random residence in an effort to sell a product to them face to face, chances are the person living there will not even come to the door. The key to being successful these days as a traveling salesperson is to ensure your vehicle is recognizable. Here are a few ways you can do just that. 

Invest in custom car magnets that clearly state who you are. 

Custom car magnets, such as from ARC Marketing, are inexpensive, easy to get, and fully customizable. These can be attached to the doors, hood, or back side of a vehicle in a matter of minutes and will definitely help consumers identify your vehicle as one that is associated with a particular company. These magnets can be customized with graphics like:

  • the name of your associated business 
  • contact information
  • a picture of the product you are trying to sell

When you pull up and a prospective customer sees your vehicle outfitted in these magnets they will clearly be able to see who you are and why you are stopping in to see them. Therefore, you will be less likely to see so many dead-end efforts to get someone to answer when you ring the doorbell or knock. 

Create a sales website that clearly displays the vehicle you are driving. 

If you are contracting as a mobile salesperson for a particular product, most companies will allow you to pursue whatever means you see fit to help you sell their product, including setting up a website if you prefer. On this website, make sure you include a picture of yourself and the vehicle you drive so customers who check out the site can see who they can expect to show up at their door trying to sell something.

In some cases, a customer may check out your website after you leave their property and they don't answer the door. So it's a good idea to leave a simple business card tucked into the door before you leave. If they do and see who you were and what you had available, they can easily contact you through the website if they are indeed interested in what you have for sale.